There is a need in Togo Africa...
I'll go.
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Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me. Thank you for your continued support, your prayers and care. Stay up-to-date on what is happening out here in Togo via my Journal and my Facebook page. And, of course, feel free to get in touch through email once in a while. I would love to hear from you!


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My Missionary ID # 0191981

My Story

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jessica and I am preparing to pick up my life and move to Togo Africa. Here is my story:

For 7 years directly after high school, I worked with my family to build an HVAC company from the ground up in Houston TX. In 2015, God directed my steps to France where I volunteered for 14 months at a French language school for missionaries. I went there only with the intention of helping the school but God had other plans.

While working there, I attended French classes and learned to speak French up to a B 1.1 level. I also learned, while living in a community of foreign-mission-bound Christians, that there are so many worthy developments abroad but not enough people to see them realized to their fullest potential. The harvest is great; the workers are few. I was motivated to get involved.

ABWE (Association for Baptist World Evangelism) invited me to consider working at a growing hospital outreach in Tsiko, Togo. They needed someone to fill a role that would free up nurses and doctors to focus on their work. I found that all my experience so far, in business and in French, could fill exactly what they need.

What I Will Do There

But why me? Why am I going to work at a hospital? I’m not a nurse, doctor, church planter or pastor.

I will help manage a Guest House on the property where the team hosts visiting short-term missionaries. Keeping the guest house in good order is vital to the continuity of the hospital ministry. I will also be available to help Togolese nurses learn English and there is plenty of opportunity to help with the MK's (missionary kids) who are there with their families.


More about the guest house.. notes from a Togo South team member on the field:

Since we don’t have enough Full-Time missionaries on the field, we rely on visitors and short-term missionaries helping us to keep EVERYTHING going. Not just the hospital. We are always looking for: doctors, nurses, lab techs, x-ray techs, financial people, computer people, maintenance, administrators, nursing instructors, Christian school teachers, church planters, etc. You name it, we need help!!

Some of the short-term missionaries come for a week or even up to 2 years. Many times they bring their spouse and/or their family members. The Guest House is responsible for making sure that they are met at the airport, picked up, brought to the hospital, housed and oriented.

We also have other missionaries, from other agencies and our own, who come here due to sick people who need to be seen or hospitalized. They usually come with a spouse or a family member.

The Togo Situation

Togo is a small sub-Saharan country that is not quite the size of West Virginia. About 7.5 million people live here. (By the way, West Virginia’s population is under 2 million.)

ABWE serves these people through education (general education, bible school and nursing school), care for orphans and the blind, church planting and medical care. The hospital is just one aspect of showing Christian love to Togo.

Through the hospital ministry, we are seeing lives saved, physically and spiritually, and bringing a message of hope to one of the most open and growing populations on the planet right now.

We are here for the sole purpose of using medicine to reach into people’s lives with the Good News of the saving power of Jesus Christ.

The ministry connects with patients and really focuses on helping them get established in local churches where they can grow. The hospital also trains Togolese nurses in medicine (and soon, Togolese surgeons as well) because the vision is to equip the Togolese Christians to meet the needs of their own communities.

Evangelize, disciple, train leadership, plant reproducing indigenous churches.

Why Now?

The Togo South Hospital (Hôpital Baptiste Biblique) has been the hands and feet of Christ in Togo since 1985. It is not just a hospital that sees lives saved and people restored physically. It is providing care to more than 15,000 patients each year, from 4 different countries, and the gospel is shared with each one.

Luke 9:2 “…and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal.”

Togo is an open door. Unlike much of western Africa, a relatively small (but quickly growing) percent of south Togo is Muslim and the demeanor towards Christianity is open throughout the country. But also, over the next 40 years, the population increase in Africa alone is expected to make up 49% of population growth worldwide. Do you want to reach them now? Or try to reach them then?

The potential to develop discipleship communities is there right now.

Would you consider partnering with me?

I am one small part of what God is doing in Togo. But I can't go at this alone. The needs where I am going are not market-supported -- it will take some financial investment to make this possible. I will rely on a community of people who are partnering with me financially as well as praying for me and believing in the mission and vision that I am living out.

Every Christian is called to be on mission, bringing hope and life to the people around them, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Through the circumstances in my life, a door has opened for me to have this same influence in a small country between Ghana and Benin. This is just the Christian life. Mine happens to be a life without borders.

It is hard to go. There is sacrifice in going. But this is what I'm called to give, so I am willingly giving in this way. Partnering with me financially is a very practical way you can be part of this mission too. My current need is $2,000 to outfit me and $2080 of monthly support. My time in Togo will initially be only 12 months, so before I leave the US, I will need to raise $26,960 in donations or pledges. Would you consider giving?

Make a Pledge or One-Time Donation

If you decide to partner with me, please take a moment to connect with me. It would be a privilege to know everyone who is partnering together in this mission. Thank you.

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